Mar 21, 2011

Home Baked Letter Goodness

I have been thinking about how to get the text impression into the concrete posts that I will make for my independant project. First I was looking at the alphabet fridge magnet collection. However the counter spaces are a little too tight for pressing into concrete and I would like more control over the final size of my letters. I found some cookie cutter shapes that have numbers and letters, but they were not in stock at any of the Michael’s stores I called. I could get them from Bed Bath & Beyond if I wanted to wait two weeks. But I would still have no control over the size or the font selection.

Baker’s clay is the answer. It is cheap and easy to make, plus I can carve out my selected font to whatever size I need. I will try Candara because it looks like an inscriptional letter-form with flared ends, with any luck that should make it easy to build with the tools I have on hand.

All you need is 4 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 1 1/2 cups of water. The wine bottle is my rolling pin. I don’t have room to store a rolling pin but I always seem have an empty wine bottle handy.

Candara letters all cut out and ready to be used as a guide. The dough smells a lot like play-dough.

All set to be put into the 300 degree oven for aprox. 30 minutes.

The final product, not suitable for consumption. The stencil paper was pretty thin making it too easy to push the stems and cross bars of the letters around which is probably what allowed the top of that “E” get so distorted. Not too bad for my first attempt at baked alphabets.