Oct 22, 2017
Denise Tade

SeaBreeze Connect

The intention of this app is to create a social platform specifically for people who are cruise vacationers. This app will enable them to connect with like minded travellers before they are onboard, they can communicate and share which events they plan to attend and even host their own. This data can then be shared with the cruise event planners who can adjust their resources according to what the cruise traveller is looking for. For example if a large percentage of the demographic is Japanese they could arrange for a tour that offers a Japanese guide.


Planning and Design

I designed the logo, branding and user interface for this project as well as the user flow of this app. The client had already built out the project with a team of developers, so I was able to show the value of design in this project with nice before and after results. One of most signification improvements I was able to bring to the flow was the design of the users’ dashboard that would provide the central source for all information the user would want access to.


To review the full case study visit SeaBreeze Connect Case Study. Or see the project on my portfolio page here SeaBreeze Connect portfolio.