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Jacob’s Ladder—Assembly

I procured some interesting materials from the interiors group where I work, unfortunately the cork samples where just a few pieces short and the veneer finishes on wood backing had holes in the top that I could not remove. Too bad about the veneer pieces especially, they were lightweight yet had a good density and […]


Happy Mistake – Monolith Breakdown

After an evening exposed to the elements a few things happened to my majestic monoliths. One of them toppled over and broke; the weight of a slightly crooked post was too much for the tiny wooden stake. The concrete post broke into two pieces. Now I have two posts left that are still in one […]

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Wi-Fi Markers – the Creation of Mini-Monoliths

Stone. Marble. Concrete. All solid, durable materials used to display public decrees and political messages conveying a sense of authority and power. Consider the Trajan column in Rome, erected to commemorate the Roman emperor’s victory. The craftsmanship of carefully carved letter forms, prominent placement in the city and the impermeable material all reinforce that this […]

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So Much Tension, the Final Chapter

After some carefully timed hammering and muttered apologies to my condo neighbours I am happy to say I have finished my hierarchy word-drawer project. At the grand reveal on presentation day my classmates interacted with the piece in the way that I had hoped. Each “word-drawer” has a different level of tension applied to it. […]