Mar 19, 2011

Theory Thoughts

I saw a video where they brought invisible Wi-Fi networks to life with a form of light painting created from walking along with a light bar that would turn more lights on as the signal increased. The effect was a light-fence that would peak and recede.

This image of this light-fence got me thinking “this looks so cool, how I can use this in my independent project?” How can I identify surrounding Wi-Fi networks and note them visually?

I will pluck out the names of Wi-Fi networks within range, and then label the mile markers with them.

A way to make these even more visible would be to add some light painting to the image of the mile marker. Taking a long exposure image of the mile marker while some volunteers toss LED “throwees” at it should create a glowing network of lines attached to the markers.

My project is based on material and how the message can be seen as more important when it is placed on a substantial material. The theory is based on the symbiotics built around a concrete mile marker. The permanence of the material relates that the message must be important and should be noted. I will bring attention to something that you can’t see or feel and would otherwise not give any consideration to. I also intend to make the invisible, visible, the neglected, noticed. Imagine a map of all of the Wi-Fi systems, and what that could look like? Will creating mile markers and mapping out their existence make these networks seem much more important and noteworthy?