Dec 01, 2015
Denise Tade

Time for Client Gift Giving

Here’s a sneak peak at small part of the client gift package I am assembling for our 2015 gift campaign. The full gift consists of a custom made and printed box, 2 jars of Bernard Callebeaut cocoa mix – lids outfitted with a custom printed label, 4 packaged sets of marshmallows. The main purpose of the coaster is to act as leave behind that will hopefully last longer than the food items. It also has the added benefit of providing more stability to the items inside. I was looking for a way to stop the jars from bumping around and needed something about 1/4 inches deep to tuck under the jar base. Working closely with Jukebox printing I was able to custom build a layered product with a cork veneer top layer, this provided me the option of a custom job without the need to fill the quantity requirements. I am very pleased with the final product. The photo below is the “little extra” Jukebox sent to me with a special application of a gold foil on the edge. Nice touch.