Feb 02, 2011

Back to the Hardware Store – Prototype Refinement

After the first attempt at my hierarchy project prototype and some constructive feedback from my classmates I concluded that my design could use few tweeks. Originally I was focused on creating a noticeable variation in tension. Now that this has been achieved the next puzzle is how to present and display this piece. Originally each word-drawer was going to be displayed in a separate case and randomly placed on a flat surface. This would avoid an implied start to finish order. However, I realized that in order to activate the word-drawer you would need to hold the case with one hand to stop it from sliding. This could take away from the user experiencing just the tension.

With this new task at hand I must go back to the hardware store for more supplies. The sketch below shows the plan and elevation views for the second prototype design. In this design the word-drawers share one large display case therefore adding some weight to keep it stable. The various tensions are currently stepped in sequential order. To avoid a start to finish order I may mix this up a bit.