Author: denise

SeaBreeze Connect

The intention of this app is to create a social platform specifically for people who are cruise vacationers. This app will enable them to connect with like minded travellers before they are onboard, they can communicate and share which events they plan to attend and even host their own. This data can then be shared […]

Typography on the web: samples and comments

1.GDC The typography on does some heavy lifting. There is a lot of content on the site and they do a great job setting up the hierarchy to do the work of grouping all this information together. It is easy to differentiate the levels of information from the title to sub-titles. Note the header, [...]


I was fortunate to I have had both the space and time available to add this info graphic in a brochure I built. It was just what I needed to add some visual interest to the brochure. The subject matter being only a concept at this time only offered a location map, some stock images […]

Time for Client Gift Giving

Here’s a sneak peak at small part of the client gift package I am assembling for our 2015 gift campaign. The full gift consists of a custom made and printed box, 2 jars of Bernard Callebeaut cocoa mix – lids outfitted with a custom printed label, 4 packaged sets of marshmallows. The main purpose of […]

Jacob’s Ladder—In Action!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Jacob’s Ladder the not-so-scary movie.


Happy Mistake – Monolith Breakdown

After an evening exposed to the elements a few things happened to my majestic monoliths. One of them toppled over and broke; the weight of a slightly crooked post was too much for the tiny wooden stake. The concrete post broke into two pieces. Now I have two posts left that are still in one […]